Jardins 9 Estil

The creation of a new garden, or the modification of an existing one, comes from the need to meet certain demands, or respond to the customer’s expectations and ideas, who tries to give a new look to his garden. After a first meeting with the client, we can begin to work and determine the direction of the desired project.

A first visit to the garden allows us to:

  • Get to know the client
  • Exchange ideas and proposals
  • Orientation and assesment
  • Sketch and measurment of the site
  • Presentation of samples for different materials and finishes


Disseny Jardineria 3D

Based on the information collected on the first visit, we will carry out a study of the space management, where the functions of the different areas will be organized and defined. There are many different types of materials, of various classes and qualities, as well as a wide range of vegetation.

At Jardins 9 Estil, we offer technical assesment in order to make the best decision, taking into account different factors such as:

  • Location
  • Use and purpose of the garden
  • Harmony between the different elements and the surrounding environment
  • Water points
  • Illumination
  • The aesthetics of the garden
  • Maintenance
  • Cost


Jardins 9 Estil

The design of 3D gardens becomes a basic communication tool between professionals and the clients in order to satisfy all of their need.Before carrying out the work, through 3D design, we can get a general idea of the style and looks of the new space, based on aerial views and perspectives from different angles and positions. It also allows us to evaluate the multiple possibilities within the wide range of products, materials and existing vegetation to find the most coherent line and which will best adapt to their expectations.


At Jardins 9 Estil we offer 3D deisgn and rendering services, both to private clients and gardening businesses, architectural practices, interior design practices, etc.